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Some Call This Fun (15/22)
Title: Some Call This Fun (15/22)

Summary: On a remote Brazilian island, 22 contestants are separated into 2 teams to compete against one another through a series of challenges. But they’ll soon discover that there are more challenges to be had than just the competition. Hook-ups, fights, partying, back stabbing, secrets and lies take center stage as the crew watches their reality show spiral into insanity. Various pairings.

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I am FINALLY updating a story that I can only imagine appeared to be very, very dead. Sorry I am the worst. I’ve been all over the country in that last year and lost the taste for writing but it’s come back with a vengance and this fic will hopefully be getting all of its attention until it is complete. To those of you that liked this story- I’m sorry I let you down so hard. I’ll try better.

In this chapter: The teams have to adjust to their new members, and all of the contestants will have to overcome their deepest fears to win the next challenge. With the stakes getting higher, it’s time to step up and prove the strength of their bonds.

Meet the Crew
Meet the Contestants
Oh Captain My

Capture The Flag
We All Fall Down
Tequila Is Not Your Friend
Who Can You Trust?
Saving Me
Look Out Below
Blaze a Trail
Eat It or Beat It
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Never Have I Ever
Ante Up!

Disclaimer: I’m not making any money off of writing this story. It’s entirely fictional and based on the performances given in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers and not the actual soldiers. Any ideas or challenges borrowed from a reality show belong to the creators of that show, not me. I don’t own anything…so please don’t sue me. I wrote it for your enjoyment so…enjoy!

Gene decided that working in the infirmary probably wouldn’t be so bad after all. Especially not if Babe was going to keep visiting him like this.

He was referring to Babe showing up out of the blue, shoving him back onto an exam bed and jumping on top of him with an expression of manic joy. Once the teen had pulled his lips away from where he had momentarily glued them to Gene’s he blurted out. “So guess what?”

Of course before Gene even had time to guess Babe continued on. “I’m on the Red team now!” the younger man informed him with a pained expression. A far cry from the look of glee he’d sported only seconds earlier.

Gene just stared at him, his mind trying to recoup from the surprise kiss attack and focus on what Babe was saying. Fortunately Christenson, who was sequestered away in a room across from them, voiced Gene’s thoughts perfectly.

“Wait…what the fuck? HOW?”

Babe shrugged as though the man could see him before hopping off of Gene to go and speak to the injured Red player. As Babe poked his head into Burton’s room Roe could hear him say, “What’s up teammate? How’s the leg?”

And since it was Gene’s job to keep an eye on Christenson anyway, he decided he didn’t mind sharing Babe’s attention for now and went to follow and listen to the story.

Joe knew he didn’t have to be seated on the couch, just a breath away from the Red team members that were milling about in the kitchen, but he wasn’t sure where else to be.

The Blue team (his old team) were off somewhere deliberating on who to send to the arena. It was beyond strange to just be sitting there, not teamed up with Bill and trying to get rid of Sobel. Without his vote who knew when that prick would go!

While Joe speculated on the future of the Blue team, Toye plopped down beside him unexpectedly- two beers in his hands. Joe gave him an irritated look, but there was no real heat behind it.

Toye just laughed at his bitchy expression. “Sorry to spook you. Here you go.” He said, handing Liebgott a Corona. “So two Joes on one team, huh? That should be fun.”

“What are you? The welcoming committee?” Liebgott asked with a sneer as he popped off the top of the beer. He was never one to turn down booze. It was just too bad for Toye that he was in enough of a shitty mood to be borderline hostile.

For his part Toye just shrugged, “Look I know you don’t like this. I don’t think anyone does really- but we all gotta make the most of it, right? No reason to fight it. At least now you don’t have to worry about Sobel or being up for elimination tonight.”

With that bit of wisdom dispensed, Toye clinked his bottle against Joe’s before patting the other man’s leg encouragingly and walking off.

Out by the pool and through the glass doors, Webster and Luz saw the two men’s exchange. Luz grimaced at Toye’s actions and David shot the shorter man a sympathetic look that was tempered with scorn. Luz was a bit of a drama queen after all. “He’s just being friendly. You know Toye.”

“Whatever. You know you should be more worried! They totally had their flirt on during that poker game.” Luz reminded him.

“Well I’m not worried. Because unlike you and Toye, I actually have something going on with Liebgott and besides-aren’t you supposed to be with Buck? You’re really not fooling anyone, I don’t know why you keep playing these games,” Webster told his new teammate.

“Why don’t you mind your own business for once Webster?” Luz growled, in the worst mood he could remember being in. “And you can say what you want but remember this- no one controls Liebgott. Even I know that.”

Luz just hoped that Webster had enough of a hold on Liebgott. The guy had already hooked up with three people in the house! Well if you included Floyd, which George did seeing as he was always lurking about the house somewhere. He’d better not get his claws into Toye too. Luz was having enough of a hard time keeping him away from Bill.

Damn his infatuation was exhausting.

Bill waited in agitation as his least favorite teammate and his blonde shadow came bearing down on him. “Sobel.” He greeted the man curtly once he’d arrived.

“Bill look, I don’t like you and you don’t like me but we both know one of the new guys needs to go.” Sobel said, cutting straight to the point.

“I know that, huh?” Bill prompted. He wasn’t about to just align himself with Sobel. Sure he’d been thinking about one of the new guys for his vote but he didn’t see how they could actually be a bigger threat than the Blue captain, at least not as far as he was concerned.

“Don’t be an idiot Guarnere.” Sobel seethed, clearly in no mood for games. “No one gets any further in this competition if our team doesn’t start winning challenges and the Red team didn’t exactly do us a favor by keeping Liebgott and Heffron and saddling us with their two worst players. They need to go. Think about it.”

That was apparently all that he had to say on the matter as he spun on his heel and stalked away from Bill and towards the backyard. Evans, who had been standing there silently, gave Bill an absentminded wave before following his leader.

The Hell of the thing was…that Bill thought Sobel had a point.

On The Beach

“So,” Nixon started off coyly, leaning into Dick’s line of vision as the Blue team was casting their votes on who to send into the Arena in the morning.

Dick smiled at his friend. “So?” He prompted.

“So your birthday is in 3 days.”

At this the red headed man actually rolled his eyes. “Gosh Nix don’t make a thing out of this. I don’t get you and birthdays.”

The host held his hands up quickly. “I’m not making a thing. I swear.” He assured his friend. “Although…I bet I could wrangle us a boat...maybe take a day off from filming. What do you say? Little vacation?”

“Lew look around you,” Dick said gesturing to the ocean behind them. “We’re already on vacation. I know birthdays are a big deal to you but considering some of the things you did for Harry’s birthday last year you can probably understand why I’m apprehensive.”

“Everyone likes stripper grams!”

Winters snorted at Nixon’s defense. “I think his fiancé begs to differ.”

“I would never do that to you anyway.” Lewis told his friend.

“Duly noted. Let’s just count the votes and forget about this, okay?” Dick suggested as they went to stand behind the ballot box.

‘Not a chance,’ Nixon thought to himself. Dick deserved a memorable birthday and by God he was going to get it. But right now there was shit to do.

Perconte sat on a log, nervously twitching his leg. This was beyond weird. And unfair- he couldn’t stress just how unfair it all was.

Sitting beside him Luz seemed relatively calm, albeit irritated-most likely because he wasn’t on Toye and Buck’s team any longer. Either way Frank knew they were both pretty screwed. He’d voted for Sobel…it seemed like enough people disliked the Captain and it might just get him into the Arena. Luz had voted, he knew, for Bill, more out of jealousy and dislike than anything substantial.

“Okay Blue team. Clearly things are a little strange for you right now,” Nixon started them all off, “and you’ve got some new faces. But you still had to cast your votes. So let’s see whose faces are going into the arena tomorrow!”

Suddenly the host pulled the box of votes out of nowhere, ready to produce the results. “So it looks like the two players who got the most votes and are going into the Arena are…SOBEL!”

The Blue Captain rolled his eyes and glared at Bill, who shrugged. “And,” the host continued, “PENKALA!”

“Wait- Penkala isn’t here anymore.” Frank pointed out.

Nixon frowned. “Oh….wait what’s your name?” He asked Frank.


“Oh well then I mean- PERCONTE!”

“Damn it.”

Casa De Losers

“Okay me and Perconte look nothing alike!” Penkala exclaimed as he and some of the other cast offs watched the live stream of the ongoing competition that Harry had provided for them.

Skip rolled his eyes. “What you should be commenting on,” he pointed out to his best friend, “Is how retarded Nixon can be.”

At this point Shifty had wandered in, as it turned out-they weren’t all enraptured by the everyday going ons of the remaining contestants…what with living in a mansion on the mainland and being practically camera free.

“I know it’s not my place,” the kind young man started out, “but does anyone else think that Nixon is in love with Mr. Winters?”

At this Skip began to laugh so raucously that he actually fell off the couch. “Oh God Shifty…you crack me up.”

“Yeah Shift we noticed that on like the 3rd day!” Grant hollered from the kitchen where he and Malarkey were adding an increasingly bizarre list of foods to what Skip had been promised would be a pepperoni pizza.

“Well now I just feel silly.” The Virginia boy frowned.

Malarkey waved him off, “Don’t. Just focus on who we are going to get stuck with tomorrow. And by that I mean pray it isn’t Sobel!”

“Yeah but with that line of thinking you would want Sobel to win.” Blithe muttered as he inspected the pizza.

“Huh. He makes a good point.” Skip said with a nod. “Okay well than let’s talk about this. You guys stole Babe from us!”

“Dude that shit was insane.”

“I totally wasn’t expecting that.”

“You guys got Luz!”

“Yeah but he’s been acting all crazy lately.”

“Oh and when the fuck are they going to send Christenson over here? I miss his stupid ass.”

“We all miss his ass. Trust me.”

That line of chatter continued on long enough for Blithe to sneak some fruit onto the pizza. With everything else that was on it…he doubted anyone would care.

Back on the Island

As the Blue team trudged up to the house after their voting session, Luz felt some conflicting emotions. On the one hand he was pissed that Bill hadn’t gone in, and on the other he was sad that Perconte had, seeing as Frank was probably his best friend on this show.

But above all of that was the guilty relief he felt at escaping the arena this time around. Although he knew that his luck couldn’t last. The next time the Blue team lost…it would be his ass on the line.

He melancholy mood dissipated however when he saw Buck and Toye sitting side by side by the pool, as close to the beach as they could get. They were chatting amicably, but it was clear to anyone that they were waiting on the Blue team to return. Luz beamed and headed their way, slightly ahead of the others.

Buck stood to greet him, a fearful look on his face. Luz shook his head and told him, “I’m safe.” The news caused Buck to break out into an intolerably attractive grin, reminding Luz why he liked the man enough not to cut him loose.

His good mood was ruined however when Toye said nothing to his news other than, “What about Bill?”

Luz had to stomp down the irrational jealousy that swelled in his chest, “He’s-”

“Right here. What’s up?” Bill asked as he strode into their radius.

Toye sent him a knowing smirk that Luz couldn’t decipher. “Just wondering if you’d manage to elude elimination, baby.”

And even though Toye could throw out the husky endearment of ‘baby’ to just about anyone, it was the casual manner of his speech, Luz still clenched his fists. “He’s fine.” He spat out. “Sobel and Perconte are going into the Arena and I’m going to go get a drink.”

Buck raised an eyebrow at his retreating form before shrugging. “Well that sucks about Frank. I better go find him and get him moderately buzzed.”

Toye laughed, “Yeah call it his penance for all the times he tried to get me drunk before the Arena.”

“Alright man I’ll see you inside. Let me know if you ever find out what’s pissing Luz off.” Buck said before heading back to the house. Although they both already knew what his problem was.

After they were both gone, Jo turned to look at Bill in amusement. “Our lives have gotten so much more interesting recently.”

“Glad you’re enjoying yourself.” Bill told him. “Oh also? I hate you.”

“No you don’t. You have deep seated feelings of repressed man-love for me.”

“Fuck off.”

In the Arena

“Aww look at the inter team fraternization.” Nixon said to Dick, nudging his shoulder before pointing over to where Liebgott and Webster were seated practically in each other’s laps and talking with their heads bent toward one another.

“They’re allowed to sit together Nix.” Dick said with a small smile. “Besides they’ve been a thing for a while.”

“True.” Nixon conceded, “but now their love is so star crossed and tragic.”

Here Dick frowned, “You don’t know the half of it.”

“Say what?”

The judge shook his head, “Nothing. Sorry.” The truth was that while it wasn’t difficult keeping secrets that he knew he ought to keep, and Liebgott’s drug use definitely needed to stay under wraps, he hated lying to Nix. Even if was just a lie of omission.

“Not that I really care,” Floyd interrupted from behind them, “but shouldn’t we get this started? It’s almost noon.”

Nixon frowned at the young man. “Talbert you’re the worst intern ever! You don’t care about anything since you violated rules and slept with a contestant. But since we’re not paying you I can see why you went for it. Although Liebgott?”

“IT WAS MAGICAL!” Floyd shouted, interrupting any critique that Nixon had of the contestant and stomping off.

The host just sniggered. “I lied,” he told Dick, “he’s the best intern ever. He’s so damn easy to mess with.”

Dick just rolled his eyes. “Well he does have a point. It’s almost twelve, we should get started.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Up in the stands Bill, who was seated next to Toye, decided to ignore Nixon’s long winded regurgitation of the previous day’s events. Instead he tapped Jo’s knee. “Hey.” He whispered to his friend.


“You should make a move with Luz.” Bill told him.

Jo’s jaw clenched. “No. I shouldn’t.”

“I disagree.”

“Well I disagree with your face!”

Bill blinked at him. “What?”

His friend looked disturbed. “Wow.” Jo muttered. “I totally just said that. Babe’s only been on my team for like a day and his speech is already rubbing off on me.”

“He is a little freak.” Bill admitted.

“Yeah but seriously Bill I don’t know why you keep harping on the Luz thing.” Toye said. “I don’t even know if I want to do anything about it now anyway. With the way he’s been acting.”

Bill rolled his eyes. “Toye, Luz could literally slit my throat and you would still have a thing for him.”

Just as Jo was about to reply, they heard an indignant cry of “WHAT?” from the arena below them. Maybe they should have been paying attention after all.

“You can’t just PICK the game. You spun it for everyone else!” Perconte shouted at Nixon. “What’s the point of your stupid DOOM wheel if you don’t use it?”

“Hey it’s the Giant Wheel of Doom! And this isn’t my fault!” The host shot back. “I have bosses you know!”

“Fuck your bosses!”

“That would be alarmingly unprofessional and I already got a promotion!”

Frank crossed his arms, “You can’t force me to do this.”

“Ugh look Perconte, you either play this game or we kill you off in this episode.” Nixon told him.


As the two continued to bicker, Sobel just took a seat and waited. Winters had swooped in to play peacemaker but it didn’t appear to be going well.

“What the Hell is going on?” Bill asked Babe.

“Dude. Way to NOT pay attention.” Babe teased him. Bill just gave him a pointed look so the teen continued. “So what happened was that Nixon spun the Wheel and it landed on the Duel. But then he said that they were going to play the food challenge instead.”

“Why?” Toye asked.

“Because the producers thought it would seem ironic. All of this footage of Perconte talking about how he doesn’t want to eat gross stuff and then he has to do this challenge? They’re just going to edit it to make it look like it landed on that game.” Babe explained.

“That’s kind of fucked up.” Bill admitted.

“According to Nixon, that’s just reality television.”

“This sucks.” Perconte confirmed. “You all suck.”

He had finally been convinced that the producers of the show, those evil invisible bastards, were not liable to change their minds and he would have to compete in this challenge.

Winters’ continual apologies didn’t make him feel any better.

“Finally. Damn.” Nixon commented. “By the way we are aware we suck. This is show business. So let’s get on with it! Bring out the game!”

At his command a dart board was un-dramatically wheeled out. Luz frowned, “Frank is so boned.”

“You don’t know that.” Buck tried to reassure him. “Sobel could be even worse than him. Even if Frank owes people like millions of dollars because of all the dart games he lost.”

“Okay.” Nixon piped up. “This is how this is gonna work. Once again we have a numbered assortment of disgusting food lined up to my left…”

All the contestants looked over to the table where Webster was sure he saw flies buzzing around. Gross.

“And their corresponding numbers are placed on the dart board. Whatever number your dart lands closest to? That’s what you eat.” The host told them. “However if you hit the bullseye…you get a free pass. As you can see there is no number in the center. Simple enough right?”

The two Blue contestants shrugged. Nixon nodded. “Right.” He answered for them. “And remember the first one to refuse to eat something or pukes loses. OR, though it’s unlikely, if all the food is consumed, the person with the best score wins.”

“Yeah Frank is boned.” Luz reasserted from in the bleachers. He let his head fall dramatically into his hands. Buck just patted his shoulder in comfort.

With a put on air of extreme suffering Perconte picked up the dart and launched it at the dart board. Everyone watched as it flew way off base and hit Nixon in the arm.

“Jesus!” The host exclaimed while rubbing his arm, “I said I was sorry already!”

Sobel smirked, he may not have been the best dart player in the world but it looked like he was better than Perconte.

After a few more misses Perconte finally landed a dart on the board. It hit the number 11.

“Alright what do we have here?” Nixon spoke as he looked over the contents on the table. “Eww...pigs tongue.”

“NO!” Perconte hollered, “Fuck this. I quit. You can’t make me.”

“Damnit Perconte we spent a lot of time digging around the dumpster to find all of this food!” Nixon proclaimed.

Winters furrowed his eyebrows, “What?”

“And you’re just going to give up? That’s like the second person to do that! You’re all a bunch of quitters!” The host continued to rant, “You could at least TRY to make it interesting.”

“Oh I will!” Perconte promised wielding a dart as he spun around. Nixon flinched but the contestant threw it down and picked up a plate of foul food from the table and hurled it at the host.

“Hey!” Nixon cried, dodging some grey slime, but Perconte just kept chucking plate after plate at him.

Up in the stands the teams watched in shock. “He’s having a complete breakdown.” Lipton observed of his old team mate. Speirs just nodded.

“You don’t feel the least bit responsible for this?” Lipton asked his team captain.

Speirs shook his head stoically, then paused before looking quickly at Lipton. “Why? Do you want me to?”

Lipton laughed and shook his head, turning his attention back to the spectacle in the arena.


“Okay so that went rather unexpectedly.” Nixon remarked from in front of the bleachers, covered in goo and other barely edible gunk.

“But make no mistake we will be airing that footage.” Harry chimed in from behind Smokey’s camera.

“Duly noted.” Nixon said with a nod. “Also I hate you.”

Harry just gave him a thumbs up. Nixon sighed, “So Perconte will be leaving the island, although I think he should be in a MENTAL institution-”

“That’s like the pot calling the kettle nuts,” Bill muttered. Evans looked at him in confusion, clearly not understanding.

“Whatever!” Nixon snapped, “Perconte’s out, Sobel’s in. Say your goodbyes, I hate all of you, be outside the house in 20 minutes!”

Everyone couldn’t help but snigger as the host stomped off, a grey jelly substance hanging from his hair.

Luz pounced on Perconte with a hoot, “Frank, you’re my fucking hero.”

The bleachers erupted in applause of agreement.

“Okay I’m going to take a shower.” Nixon told Harry, Dick and Floyd as they all tried not to laugh at him.

“Who’s going to tell him?” Harry asked in a choked up voice, about to lose it.

Lewis narrowed his eyes, “Tell me WHAT?”

“Um,” Dick started as softly as he could, “You…don’t have time. Our production schedule is too tight right now.”

Nixon froze before looking at Talbert. “I’m going to murder you.”

“What?” The intern exclaimed, “I didn’t do anything!”

“Maybe not but you’re the most expendable person here!”

Talbert took off running without another breath. Nixon sighed, “Well just roll me in the ocean or something.”

Harry started to crack up loudly and even Dick’s lips were twisted to keep from laughing. “What!?” the host demanded.

“The challenge is in the jungle.”

“Today sucks.”

In the Jungle (the mighty jungle…)

Once the contestants were assembled in the jungle they saw the setup of their next challenge. But it didn’t give much away.

“What the hell is that?” Buck wondered as he took in the blacked out boxes in the jungle that were set up to make a large circle. They were about the same width as the boxes that Liebgott and Toye had been trapped in during the rescue challenge, but they were taller, clearly meant for someone to be able to stand.

“THAT is the creation of our last remaining writer. She really wanted to hang you guys over the ocean some more because she’s kind of lazy but we nixed that idea,” Nixon responded from 20 feet away….no one would stand near him with the foul odor he was emitting.

“Writer? As in just one?” Webster asked. “There’s only one person coming up with all of this?”

“Well we had more but they quit over the long standing feud over what to name the show.” Winters told them.

“Yeah and because Harry kept yelling at them.” Nixon added. “And they took their book of good challenge ideas with them so this is being thought up on the fly!”

“How comforting.” Lipton murmured to Speirs, who smirked at him.

“So here is the challenge!” Nixon hollered into his megaphone, which all the contestants had prayed was destroyed.

“Damn it we can hear you just fine!” Liebgott yelled while covering his ears.

“No you can’t!” Nixon countered. “ANYWAY! This challenge is going to be somewhat like our little I’ve Never challenge.”

“Awesome.” Webster frowned, remembering the fiasco that challenged had caused when everyone’s secrets took center stage.

“Everyone has a very specific assigned box that you will start the game standing on. As you likely gathered by now you will all be standing on a trap door,” Nixon explained.

“Noooo shit.” Luz said with an eye roll. Buck just snorted while Nixon glared.

“However,” The host continued, “You will all be answering questions about each other! To see how well you have gotten to know your teammates!”

“What like the Newlywed Game?” Babe asked.

“Yeah,” Nixon nodded, “although what the Hell you’re doing watching that show at 17 is beyond me.”

“Well see I got kidnapped in Sante Fe this one time. It was mistaken identity but that lady LOVED the Newlyweds Game and I-”

“No time!” Dick interrupted, wide eyed at the teen’s tale. “You won’t be standing on the trap doors very long. Because the entirety of this challenge will be spent INSIDE of your box.”

“Because you see.” Nixon interrupted, “Each of these boxes has been designed to contain something you fear. And the only way to get out is to get at least 2 questions right! The team that has the most people out in 20 minutes wins!”

All the contestants turned to look at the boxes, each of them worried about what it might contain.

Casa De Losers

“That is fucked up.” Penkala noted, “Glad I’m not in this challenge.”

“That’s probably because your greatest fear is being bit by a rabid dog.” Skip pointed out.

“What the Hell could Speirs be afraid of?” Grant couldn’t help but wonder.

Perconte frowned, “Nixon really is evil.”

Blithe looked thoughtful for a moment, “Is that why it asked “What’s your greatest fear?” on that really long questionnaire we had to fill out for the show?”

Everyone groaned, clearly not having thought about that.

…..Guys really were simple sometimes.

The Challenge

Everyone stood nervously on top of their assigned boxes, some of which had many attachments to the back that made the contestants nervous.

“Wondering what all that is huh?” Nixon asked from the middle of the giant circle, where he stood at a podium, prepared to ask the questions. “Well I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t entirely KNOW what those are. We bribed some college students to let us test out these weird little simulation boxes you’re standing on. That kind of saved them the trouble of testing them out on monkeys. Otherwise we never could have afforded this crap.”

Speirs looked down at his box when he heard a strange noise. What the Hell was in there?

“Alright everybody when we count to three you will be dropped in your boxes and the clock will start.” Nixon told them before turning to Evans. “You have your helmet on don’t you Evans?”

The blonde nodded nervously and adjusted his helmet and elbow and knee pads, concerned as to why he needed them.

“Okay 1…..2….,” Here Nixon smiled maniacally, “3!”

Suddenly the trap doors went out and everyone fell into their box. Not two seconds later the trap doors closed back up and the boxes lit up so that they could all see inside of one another’s containers.

Webster cursed as he was dunked into a box almost entirely filled with water. He couldn’t even stand on the bottom it was so full. He looked up and saw a handle bar at the top of the box and grabbed it swiftly, pulling his head up to get some air. The water came up to his chin with the help of the bar.

“This is bull shit,” He cursed. How ironic was it that a Marine Biology enthusiast who could swim and owned a boat was afraid of drowning?

“You people are sick!” He yelled at Nixon who nodded in agreement. “How am I supposed to buzz in!?”

The host pointed up and Webster saw a small button next to the handle bar.

All around the circle people were having strong reactions to the contents of their box.

Evans let out a shriek as his box was hoisted into the air by a rope attached to the back. He fell to his knees on the side of the box and everyone watched in horror as he hung in the air, like a piñata, on the nearby tree. Evans understood his knee pads now.

Nixon grinned, “I’m not gonna lie we are really proud we pulled this off. Our writer has been reading a lot of the Hunger Games so…yeah.”

Speirs looked down at the two cats that were rubbing against his legs before glaring at the host. “Hey idiot!” He called out to Nixon, “I’m not scared of cats. I’m ALLERGIC to cats!”

Nixon whirled around to look at Harry. “I knew we shouldn’t have put that question next to the allergy section! We didn’t put penicillin in there with anyone did we!?”

Harry shook his head just as Toye pounded on his box and yelled, “I can’t fucking breathe in here!”

Nixon shook his head, “It’s just a teeny tiny bit of CS gas that makes it feel like you can’t. You’re fine! You shouldn’t have been so honest when you said you were afraid of suffocating!”

“Can we start the questions please!?” Bill hollered from his box where a high pitched buzzing noise had him covering his ears. He was afraid of losing his hearing because his father was half deaf. Little did he know that the high pitched noise didn’t really affect his hearing more than any other pitch. But it still freaked him out.

“Yeah!” Liebgott hollered. “The sooner I get out the sooner I can fucking kill you!”

His box was filled with vines from the jungle, pressing in and tangling him up from every direction. It was a constant feeling of being touched, which sent him into a strange panic. Webster clenched his fists around the handle bar in his box as he saw Liebgott’s silent freak out.

Babe was sitting in a huddle in the back of his box looking frantically from side to side at the funhouse mirrors and swirling images of clowns that stared down at him, creepy clown music playing in the background.

He. Hated. Clowns.

“First question is for the Blue Team!” Nixon yelled into the megaphone. “How tall is Luz?”

Luz flicked him off from his container, where no one could hear his shouting. Being that his biggest fear was being ignored…or like a ghost that people couldn’t hear, he was put in a sound proof box with a buzzer, a notebook and a pen.

Toye and Buck both buzzed in but Nixon turned to Buck, who was slumped to the ground. His biggest fear was being physically weak and the limited recycled oxygen in his box had him down and feeling heavy.

“You can’t buzz in for the other team!” Nixon told him, “That’s why this challenge is hard! You’ve got new teams now!”

No one from the Blue Team moved to answer. “Fine on to the Red Team. What does your Captain do for a living?

Lipton buzzed in from where he was frozen, his box filled with hissing snakes. “He’s a bouncer at a bar.”

Nixon nodded, “Alright one for Lipton! Blue Team what is Sobel’s hometown?

Evans quickly buzzed in, “Chicago!”

The right answered dropped his box a little further to the ground and he made a funny noise.

“Red Team where does Liebgott live?”

Babe buzzed in despite his frightened state, “San Francisco!”

“What!?” Webster called from his box, water rushing into his mouth. “You live in California!?”

“YEAH!” Liebgott shouted back. “WHY?”

“I live in California too!”


“Why didn’t you?”

“Enough chit chat!” Nixon interrupted them, “Blue Team what is Webster’s first name?”

There was silence. Webster glared, “Are you guys fucking kidding me?”

But then Bill buzzed in, “It’s David!”

“Jesus thank you.” Webster bitched from his box.

“Red Team how many siblings does Lipton have?”

Speirs buzzed in from where he was breaking out into a rash and pushing the cats away with his feet. “Just one younger brother!” He answered. Lipton smiled at him.

“Okay Blue Team what is Evans favorite hobby?”

Everyone started buzzing in.

“Ice skating.”

“Sail boating.”

“Paper Mache!”

Evans looked at Sobel with a frown. “I talk about it all the time!”

Sobel cringed as he swatted at the many buzzing bugs that were flying around in his box, knowing that he never really paid much attention to the blonde, more using him than actually being his friend. The truth was that for all Evans talked, Sobel didn’t hear much.

“It was skate boarding.” Nixon told them dryly before turning to the other side of the circle. “Red Team what is Babe’s favorite TV show?”

Liebgott buzzed in quickly, “Laguna Beach.”

“I never told you that!” Babe countered, embarrassed that everyone now knew he watched that show.

“I know you!”

Nixon snickered, “Okay Blue Team what is Bill’s favorite sport?”

Luz buzzed in and slapped a piece of paper that said ‘Hockey’ to the side of his box, which he only knew because Jo and Bill talked about it a lot.

“Red Team what is Buck’s REAL name?”

Speirs buzzed in, “It’s Lynn.”

The trap door to his box opened and Speirs climbed out, having gotten 2 questions right. He gave the cats a warning look. “I don’t like you two.” He told them seriously before walking off.

“Red Team is ahead with one person released from their box!” Nixon warned, “Okay Blue Team where does Luz go to college?”

They all stared dumbly. Nixon sighed, “He goes to the University of Rhode Island.”

Everyone looked at Luz funny. Luz frowned, why was that weird?

“Red Team what food does Toye hate?”

Buck buzzed in, “Spaghetti. I don’t know why though that’s really weird.”

“No it isn’t!” Toye wheezed in protest.

“Blue Team what is Sobel’s job?”

Evans buzzed in, “He owns and manages a book store!”

The box Evans was in went to the ground and the top popped open. Evans scrambled to safety.

“God no wonder you’re such an asshole, you work in retail.” Liebgott noted.

“Shut up! At least I own something other than a crack pipe.” Sobel retorted as he flailed his arms around his head to ward off the insects.

“Red Team what sport did Buck play in college?”

To everyone’s surprise Liebgott buzzed in. “Football.” He answered, remembering the blonde’s admission to Swifty during Capture the Flag.

Liebgott’s box opened up and he struggled his way out of the vines. When he was out of the box he gave Nixon a dirty look and rubbed viciously at his arms. “Fucking no good sadistic loon.” He grumbled to himself.

“Whatever.” Nixon dismissed the pissy contestant. “Blue Team! What is Webster’s favorite past time?”

Sobel buzzed in, “Writing?”

“Boo. No.” Nixon frowned.

“Reading?” Bill tried.

“Ugh. No.”

Luz scribbled something on his note pad and held it up. It read ‘Enabling Liebgott?’.

“Fuck you guys!” Webster spat.

“You’re all wrong.” Nixon told them, “It’s sailing.”

“Webster who the fuck goes sailing when they’re afraid of drowning!?” Bill demanded with his hands cupping his ears.

“Have you seen who he’s with?” Sobel asked, “The fear of death is probably part of the attraction!”

“Red Team,” Nixon turned to the other side, “What is Lipton’s Bachelor’s degree in?”

Liebgott made a face, “These questions suck.”

Toye buzzed in, “Business I think.”

“Correct!” Nixon told him with a smile. “No really I’m proud. Okay Blue Team! Where does Evans live?

Everyone sat silently. Nixon frowned again, “Wow what the fuck? You guys have been here awhile and you don’t ask each other this stuff? Weak. I’m mean these are some pretty basic questions-”

“Nobody knows damn it!” Bill cursed, “Get the fuck on with it!”

Evans, for his part, was starting to get upset. Sobel was supposed to be his best friend! He knew everything about the Blue Captain. But Sobel didn’t even remember where he was from!

“Red Team, what is Liebgott’s job?”

Babe began to buzz in like crazy, “He’s a driver- er like a taxi driver. Not like a limo driver that’d be fucking weird and-”

“You’re good!” Nixon cut him off, “That’s good.”

Babe breathed a sigh of relief as he fled his box. Liebgott clapped him on the shoulder. “Good job buddy.” He told the teen.

He received a glare. “I’mma kill you for that Laguna Beach thing!” Babe hissed.

“Really? Of all the shit you’ve done on camera THAT’S what you’re upset about?”

Nixon turned to the Blue Team, “You guys are kind of getting your asses beat right now.”

‘We only have 5 people on our team you cockbite!’……is what Luz angrily wrote down on his pad.

“For now.” The host warned. “Okay Blue Team how many siblings does Bill have?”

Luz buzzed in and wrote the number ‘10’ for all to see. Nixon nodded and Luz was released from his box.

“Jesus.” Liebgott cursed, “Your mom’s vagina must fucking hurt.”

“Don’t talk about my mother like that you shit head!” Bill yelled. “Besides some of them are half siblings!”

“Red Team where did Babe get his nickname?” Nixon asked. “And for those of you that think it’s an alias or a streetwalker name don’t bother.”

“EXCUSE me!?” Babe growled. “I will go all South Philly on your ass if you call me a goddamned streetwalker again.”

“Eh no one seems to know anyway.” Nixon told him. “Good story though. Blue Team! What club did Webster start in high school?

Bill buzzed in, “Chess club!”

His box opened up. Webster looked over at Bill from where he was struggling to stay afloat in his box. “I don’t recall telling you that.” He said.

“Lucky fucking guess Web. I mean you are a huge nerd.” Bill replied with a smug look. He then went to stand next to Liebgott who stared at him for a minute.

“Sorry about your Mom’s vagina.” Joe told him. Bill smacked him roughly upside the head in response.

Liebgott hissed and rubbed his ear. “Why do you always abuse me? Does your boyfriend know you’re this abusive?” He asked with a smirk, clearly referencing Toye.

Luz screwed his eyes up and didn’t say anything. He’d almost reached his capacity to handle all of this Bill and Jo shit. Bill, luckily, didn’t comment on it and simply rolled his eyes at Liebgott.

“Enough flirting Liebgott, I have an undeserved paycheck to earn!” Nixon snapped at them. “Okay Red Team! Where does Toye volunteer?”

Bill for his part was annoyed that he knew all the answers for the Red Team. Stupid team switching bullshit, although the Jo thing was a little different. He wondered if Luz knew the answer…

Buck buzzed in however. “He teaches kids how to box at his youth center.” The answer must have been correct because the blond man was released from his box. Luz tried to give him a proper smile and reception but was kind of stuck on how awesome it was that Jo A) boxed and B) volunteered with kids. He should have known those things…

“Alright Teams things are tied!” Nixon told them. “Only Lipton and Toye are left for the Red Team and they have both answered 1 question correctly already! Webster and Sobel on the Blue Team have yet to answer one right! So Blue Team! What did Evans major in at college?”

Everyone on the sidelines looked at Evans. Finally Liebgott asked, “Dude…you went to college?”

Evans sniffed in offense, “Yes. And I graduated.” Then to prove his intellect he stuck his tongue out at all of them.

There wasn’t a lot of clamoring to answer the question from the Blue Team but finally Webster figured ‘Fuck it’ and buzzed in. “Drama?” He guessed.

Nixon stared at him flatly for a moment. “Yes!” He told him with a smile. “Congratulations on your first right answer!”

“Gee thanks.” Webster replied dryly.

Evans was as close as he could get to being pissed off. Did WEBSTER really know more about him that Sobel? His so called best friend probably didn’t even know Evans’ first name!

“Red Team! Where does Liebgott have a tattoo?” Nixon asked.

Toye buzzed in, “His right hip bone.”

“WHY do you know that?” Webster asked angrily from where he was sloshing around in his box.

The Red member coughed against the gas in his unit. “The strip poke game.”

“He didn’t get that naked!”

“I was LOOKING okay! Jesus, sue me. I’m a dude.” Toye growled before addressing their host, “Can I get out now?”

Nixon nodded, “Sure…there are a lot of layers to this though. I like it.”

Liebgott was just sitting on the side smugly basking in that fact that Toye had been checking him out (he KNEW it) while Luz was having some sort of eye twitching attack. Babe personally thought Luz could use some downers or something because he was way too wound up. Or maybe he should get laid. Wasn’t that what Buck was for?

Speirs was glad they were ahead, yet he couldn’t help but clench his fists as he watched Lipton in that box of snakes. If he could, he would end this right now, bust that box open and throw a couple of snakes on Nixon. Hadn’t he been reasonable once? The things Carwood did to him. It actually worried him from time to time, how much control the other man had over him, and Lipton didn’t even realize it.

“Blue Team! What is Luz’s hidden talent?” Nixon asked.

This earned a few raised eyebrows, people’s minds immediately going back to the challenge where Luz swallowed a whole duck egg.

“I’ll give you a hint.” Nixon told them, “It’s NOT perverted.”

There was a chorus of “Oh” from the sideline as Luz glared at them all. Suddenly Webster buzzed in. “He’s really good at fixing stuff.” The Blue member guessed.

“Yeah,” Liebgott added, “Like when the faucet was leaking and shit.”

Nixon pointed a finger at him, “No helping!! But yes…that’s correct. Webster you are free to struggle out of your box now.”

“Thanks jerk.” Webster groaned as he struggled out of his container, Bull coming from behind the cameras to assist him.

The water logged blue member slopped his way over to the other bystanders and Liebgott snuck around the rest of the Blue team to wrap his arms around Webster’s midsection. David jumped when Joe licked a drop of water off his neck.

“Shit.” He cursed then reconsidered, “Although…”

“You look really sexy right now.”

“Yeah,” Bill cut in, not really feeling like a front row seat to their foreplay. “Kind of like a drowned rat. Real sexy Web.”

Joe sent Bill a withering glare while Toye snickered at the jab. Webster shot the Red member a look. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you!”

And Toye had to admit, Webster was kind of scary.

Joe grinned wickedly. “I like your angry face.” He told Webster who just laughed, his threat to Toye forgotten.

“Hey stop grossing everyone out and pay attention.” Babe teased the two of them.

“AGREED!” Nixon hollered at them. “You know when you guys do interesting shit we have to stop and film it. I need to get on with it!”

“That’d be great, thank you.” Lipton spoke up nervously, effectively reminding his team that he was encased in a box of snakes.

Toye thought it was weird that Lipton of all people was still trapped in his box. He was their sympathetic ear! Surely he knew the answers to most of these questions. Except he was likely paralyzed with fear…

An idea in his head, Toye made his way over to Speirs as Nixon continued to blather on about how easy he made his job look despite their interruptions.

“Speirs.” Toye whispered, getting his Team Captain’s attention.

It took Speirs a minute to take his eyes off Lipton. “What is it Toye?”

“You gotta realize that the only reason Lip isn’t answering all of these questions is because he’s scared.”

The other man’s jaw clenched at these words. It was obviously something he had spent most of his time realizing. “Agreed. What’s your point?”

Jo frowned. “My point IS…that’s your boy. Do something about it.”

Speirs turned to give him his full attention and looked for all of the world as if Toye had just told him that Santa wasn’t real. Just then Nixon spoke up for the next question.

“Red Team! Aka Lipton!” The host shouted, “This question is kind of different. Which member of your team is allergic to-”

But Nixon trailed off on his question as Speirs broke away from the other bystanders and took up a spot next to Lipton, who was still frozen with fear in his box.

“Speirs what the Hell?” The host questioned the Red Captain. “You can’t help!”

“Shut up.” Speirs hissed at him, “You put snakes in there with him, you’re lucky I’m not doing more.”

Nixon stared at him with wide eyes and patiently sat his megaphone down, apparently cowed into temporary obedience.

Then choosing to ignore the host Speirs turned to face Lipton through the glass. “Hey. Look at me.”

Lipton waited a minute but managed to drag his gaze away from the snake crawling over his ankle to meet Speirs’ eyes. “Hey.” He said breathlessly.

Ron just smiled at the other man. “Listen,” He said in the most soothing voice he could muster, “No one cares more about the guys on this team than you do. You know them. You do. Who’s the one who always forced Jo to ice his knee? Or remembered to hide the strong alcohol from Luz? Or, even when he was on the Blue team, made sure Liebgott was getting enough to eat? Who keeps everyone’s morale up when we lose a challenge?”

Lipton just stared at him blankly, “You noticed all of that?”

“I notice everything about you.” Speirs told him. “And you? You’re the type of man who notices the little things about other people. Just focus on them like you always do and you’ll be out of that box and in my arms before you know it.”

That made Lipton break out into a shaky smile, “That’d be nice.”

“I’m right here.” Speirs promised. “Just one more question.”

Once they appeared to be done speaking Nixon directed a dry look their way. “Are you guys done?”

Lipton nodded with an amused smile.

“Are you sure?” The host asked sarcastically, “Because I can give you a few more minutes if you’d like-”

Suddenly a collective groan from the freed contestants erupted from the sideline.

“Ask the damn question!” Sobel shouted from his box, dodging a couple of giant bugs that he was sure only existed on this stupid island.

“The QUESTION WAS…..Which member of your team, Lipton, is allergic to….mangos?”

Everyone stared.

“What kind of lame ass question is that?” Joe wondered out loud.

Lipton buzzed in as soon as he could. “None of them are.”

Nixon remained silent for a moment, staring at the last remaining Red contestant stoically.

“CORRECT! That was a trick question. Boom.” The host rambled on. Then he picked up his megaphone and hollered. “RED TEAM WINS…AGAIN!

Not waiting for permission, Speirs quickly climbed the ladder to the lid of Lipton’s container and threw it open, extending a hand to the man inside, who eagerly took it and pulled himself to freedom.

On the sidelines the Blue team was looking less than thrilled. Luz was probably the least pleased of all, convinced that their loss meant that he was doomed to face the arena.

Once he was out of the box Lipton acted on impulse, fisting his hands in the front of Ron’s shirt and crashing their lips together. Speirs may have actually gasped in shock, a fact Lipton was somewhat proud of.

Catcalls came from the Red team as the two of them kissed and when Lipton finally pulled away from Ron, the normally stoic man was grinning, something even Carwood couldn’t recall seeing on his face. He counted himself lucky for the gentle smiles.

“Where did that come from?” The Captain asked.

Lipton just grinned back, “You came through for me.”

“And I always will.”

Nixon rolled his eyes, “Very touching. Blue Team since you lost this challenge-thanks to your Captain’s inability to know anything about any of you-”

“Hey!” Sobel spoke up, “Aren’t you supposed to be neutral? You can’t just throw that heat on me.”

“Sorry dude.” The host responded, “I calls them like I sees them. Anyway- since you all lost be on the beach in 1 hour, ready to cast your votes for the arena.”

As the Blue Team began to walk back to the vehicles dejectedly Toye popped into Bill’s path. “I forgot to tell you that you’re not allowed to leave yet, so don’t fuck up if you go to the Arena.”

Bill just rolled his eyes. “While touched, I think I’m good.”

“Yeah well what do you know? Closet case.”

“Shut up.”

Luz listened to the two of them banter and couldn’t help but wonder why Toye was even worried about Bill when everyone had to know that he himself was the one likely to be sent in with Sobel. And he also couldn’t help wondering how it came to be that Bill was the first person that Jo even thought to worry about. When did Toye stop caring about him? And more importantly…

How was he going to get that attention back?

It was these thoughts that filled his mind moreso than worry about the arena, as they drove back to the house and away from the challenge.

Back at the house, it was business as usual for the Blue Team.

Liebgott accosted Bill and Webster the moment they were inside, “You guys are still voting for Sobel right?”

“Jesus Joe,” Bill rolled his eyes, “Go celebrate your victory, don’t worry about this shit. Yes I still plan to vote for Sobel.”

“Good.” Liebgott said with a nod, “Webster?”

“Ugh. Yes. I promise. Are you happy?” The man in question asked.

Joe grinned, “Oh you have no idea.” That said he placed a quick kiss on Webster’s lips and sauntered off. Bill snorted before turning to his teammate, “You’re so fucking whipped.”

“Shut up.”

“It’s kind of sad.”

“Shut UP.”

Sobel was busy nursing his many bug bites when Evans finally came up to him. “Finally,” The Captain said upon seeing him. “There you are. I’ve given it some thought and despite my intense dislike of Bill, I think we should probably cut Luz loose.”

“No.” Evans said, his voice sounding shaky.

Sobel looked up in surprise, “No what?”

“No, I’m not listening to you anymore!”

When Sobel simply looked confused, Evans lost his temper. “You don’t know WHERE I’M FROM!? Are you SERIOUS!?”

“Lower your voice!” Sobel hissed, his eyes wide. It was too late, of course, everyone in their vicinity- including the few members left on the Blue team- had already heard Evans shouting and were paying them close attention.

“NO!” Evans hollered, clearly enraged. “You can’t boss me around anymore! I thought you were my friend! But you aren’t! I bet you never even liked me at all! YOU JUST USED ME! I HATE you!”

That was apparently all that he wanted to say because he put his degree in theater to good use and dramatically spun around and stomped away. Sobel just sat there, shell shocked.

Catching sight of all of the eyes on him he stood up and glared at his audience. “What the Hell are you all looking at?” He asked before heading off, not really caring for a response.

This new development changed things.

On the Beach

Nixon couldn’t help but look over the 5 remaining contestants on the Blue Team with pity. “That’s just sad.”

Winters smiled at his friend’s tone. “They’ll be okay. I’m sure we can figure out a challenge that won’t make their handicap of having less people be too much of a disadvantage.”

“Whatever you say. Oh, by the way, Harry said the marketing is going great, people are getting fired up for the premiere in a week or so.”

“What?” Dick asked, obviously shocked, “I thought we were going to finish shooting before we aired. How is that even possible!? We never named the show!”

Nixon shrugged, “Ah Harry said that Sink decided to incorporate a lot of behind the scenes footage and make it kind of a show ABOUT the show? And apparently having no name is some sort of marketing stunt/running gag that they want to use to encourage people to watch and vote on a name for the show.”

For his part, Dick still looked confused, even at the explanation. “That seems kind of….dumb?”

“Yeah well your average viewer isn’t that smart.” Lewis retorted.

“Wait...a show about a show?” Dick pondered over that before asking, “Does that mean there will be footage of the all of us? Like just being ourselves and talking to each other? I don’t remember signing anything about after hour’s footage but I guess if we were around the contestants or it was during our onscreen time it could be used for the show. That must mean that anything we said when our mikes were on is fair game…”

At this revelation, Lewis went completely still. Tossing the box of ballots at Dick, he turned on his heel and took off.

“Where are you going?” Dick called after his retreating form.

“I have to call Harry!”

Dick frowned, what was that all about? With a shake of his head he just turned to face the contestants, who didn’t seem remotely surprised by Lewis’s random freak out. “Uh…I guess I’ll just tally these up real quick since there aren’t too many to count.”

“We get it.” Luz griped, “We suck.”

“Yeah you don’t have to rub it in.” Sobel added.

Holding up his hands in surrender, Winters hoped it conveyed an apology. He popped the ballot box open and looked them over.

3 for Sobel. 1 for Bill.

And 1 for Evans….but the one for Evans was clearly in Sobel’s handwriting. Which meant it was to be counted twice.

Winters cleared his throat. “It looks like Evans and Sobel will be going into the arena tomorrow at noon. You guys get some rest. We’ll see you then.”

After he left them, the contestants all just looked at each other.

“That was kind of lackluster.” Webster noted.

Bill nodded, “Is it weird that I kind of missed Nixon doing that?”

The two of them retreated together, the only friendship that still seemed to exist on the Blue Team going with them.

Luz was next to stomp off, clearly upset that Bill hadn’t faced elimination directly. Sobel thought the little brat should just be glad it wasn’t him going in.

Finally it was just he and Evans remaining on the logs in silence. Well them and a cameraman of course.

“You voted for me didn’t you?” Evans finally asked, still clearly angry.

Sobel nodded, “Yes. I did.”

The frown on Evans face looked so wrong, and Sobel couldn’t help but feel terrible for putting it there. “Why did you vote for me?” His once ally asked.

To be honest, even Sobel couldn’t put his finger on why he had voted for the blonde. “I think, I did it because you deserve the chance to send me home. Because you were right when you said that all I ever did was use you.” He confessed, “And…well…I’m actually sorry about that.”

“I don’t believe you.” Evans responded.

Sobel stood up and began to walk away but paused, adding, “I guess I don’t blame you for that. But it’s the truth. I’m sorry. I should have accepted your friendship when it was offered to me. I guess I’m just not built that way. Good luck tomorrow. I mean it.”

Author’s Note: Holy CRAP! I finally finished this chapter. Can’t wait to get started on the next one. The plan is to wrap this story up and then try to finish my other hiatus fic Special before working on the MANY BOB fics I’ve been hacking away at. My life’s a mess. Sorry to those that liked this fic that I let down. Forgive me.

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Hey thank you :) I love writing this story and hope to have the next chapter up by the end of the month. Pace yourself if you re-read lol and thanks so much for letting me know you enjoy it!

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